MVP Gallery


Brandon Gibbs/5 Year Celebration/Hanoi's Fundraiser 3.15.19
St. Patricks Day Party w/ U2 Revue.Crown Watts 3.16.19
Trailer Park Floosies 3.3.19
Eric Martin/P.J. Farley Meet&Greet 2.22.19
Top This 2.19.19
TTTO Band (EricBrittingham,MikeBailey,PeteEvick) 2.8.19
Flying Underground 2.9.19
NYE 2018 ~ MVP
Ugly Sweater Xmas Party/ Cherry On Top 12.14.18
Customer Appreciation Night/Santa 12.19.18
Supertzar w/ Vinny Appice
Balderdash/Bob Burns Tribute 12.7.18
Victor Spoils 11.30.18
Ozzfest 11 12.1.18
Road Trip 11.24.18
Top This Band 11.23.18
Thanksgiving Eve w/ Prizoner 11.21.18
LDNL 11.16.2018
Hanoi's Lost Child Foundation Benefit w/ Jay Allen
Halloween Party w/ Trailer Park Floosies 10.27.18
3 Piece Revival 10.26.18
MVP Wednesday October 24th
MVP/RoX Entertainment "Local Music Showcase" Tuesdays
Cecil Thomas Jr. "Raffia Music School" Benefit 10.21.18
Two For Flinching 10.19.18
Dirty Water Revival w/ Howard Brothers Band 10.13.18
Cherry On Top 10.5.18
Balderdash/Reading Class of 78'
Victor Spoils 9.29.18
Jim Flannery Benefit 9.23.18
LDNL/Reunion 9.21.18
MVP/Sam Adams Stein Hoist 2018
Faster Pussycat Paradise Kitty Don Jamieson Crooked Rook 8.1.18
Laura's Benefit w/ Victor Spoils 7.27.18
Christmas in July/Customer Appreciation Party 2018
Planet Axe Tour 07.21.2018
2018 Planet Axe Tour - VIP Experience/Meet & Greet
222 6.22.18
Deer Park C/O 1993 Reunion
The Great Affairs 05.19.2018
05.18.2018 Echoes From A Distance EP Release Party
Thursday Night Trivia "4th Anniversary"
Wildcat Wednesday/Darts/Brad Martin
Diamond Rexx wsg Chakras, Cincinnati Sinners & V-Twin Sin 4.7.18
War Curse wsg Wolfpack Black, Lucis Absentia & Casino Warrior
Thursday Trivia & Melinda's Birthday!
Happy 50th Doug Zang!
Deer Park Varsity Boys Basketball Team ~ STATE CHAMPS!
St. Patrick's Day Party 2018
Trailer Park Floozies 03.03.2018
Mathew25Ministries Benefit
4th Anniversary Party 03.09.2018
Stu Hamm 03.06.2018
RoX Entertainment Local Music Showcase
Oscar's Birthday Bash 2018
Sunburners Beach Party 02.16.2018
String Theory 02.03.2018
New Years Eve w/ The Whammies and DJ PudgeDogg
MVP RoX Entertainment Winter Rockfest 2017
MVP 4th Annual Customer Appreciation Christmas Party
Brandon Gibbs & Eric Brittingham with Counting Stars 12.16.17
Flip Cup All-Stars 12.15.17
Them Carl's 11.04.17
Whammies Halloween Party 10.28.17
Rock N Shocktober 10.27.17
Noctaluca 10.07.17
October Rage 10.06.17
Rox Entertainment Local Music Showcase
The Menus 09.15.17
Deer Park 'Lil Cat's Benefit
Indie Rock Nite 09.08.17
Flip Cup All-Stars 09.02.17
Road Trip 08.08.17
Rule of Thumb 08.04.17
Don Jamison w Bullet Boys 07.21.17
Flying Underground 07.07.17
Chalis 07.15.17
Victor Spoils w Tracy Walker 07.29.17
October Rage w Filthy Sweet & Chakras 07.01.17
Brandon & Joel 06.17.17
Stone Mountain Mafia 6.2.17
Prizoner/ Hollywood 5.13.17
Reading HS C/O 77 Reunion 5.27.17
Billy Rock Band 5.27.17
Rule of Thumb 5.26.17
The Sly Band 05.05.17
MVP/RoX Entertainment "Local Music Showcase"
The Gamut 04.07.2017
Throw It Down Band 04.08.2017
9 O'Clock Shadow
Rule of Thumb 4.29.17
Chris Lee 4.14.17
Blessid Union Of Souls (Private Show) 3.29.17
Stephen Pearcy @MVP 3.24.17
Devil City Angels Big John Benefit 2/25/17
The Sunburners 2.4.17
Chakras w Inside Riot 7/22/16
Brandon Gibbs with JuJu Crow & Mark White 8/13/16
Mike Tramp 8/24/16
The amazingly talented Diana Ross Band!
MVP/RoX Entertainment "Local Music Showcase"
Sunburn Junkies / Ed's Birthday 1.14.17
Kenny Ozzfest 12.3.16
NYE w The Whammies
MVP/Rox Xmas show w/ Blessid Union Of Souls & Friends
MVP Customer Appreciation Party w/ Santa
Prizoner 11.23.16
Road Trip 11.26.16
Push Play 11.18.16
Cincinnati Music Academy Fall Recital 2016
Victor Spoils / Cody Houston 11.416
LDNL 10.29.16
Lying In Ruins 10.28.16
Retrovention 10.22.16
Lift the Medium 10.21.16
Trailer Park Floosies 10-14
Cecil Thomas Jr. Music School Fundraiser Event
MVP/RoX Entertainment "Local Music Showcase" Tuesdays
Mike Tramp 8/24/16
Brandon Gibbs with JuJu Crow & Mark White 8/13/16
Victor Spoils, Darling Down, Down Strange Charm, Cody & Joe
Chakras w Inside Riot 7/22/16

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